Duckie christmas market at the Barbican
12 December 2011

Duckie Christmas Market Day 1

Saturday at the market was great! Lovely atmosphere and lovely people. Thanks to Alina, Tash, Cengiz, Dean and Julius for keeping me company at various times of the long day. Also: the Barbican Christmas lighting is heavy on red and purple neon tubes which turns out to be a strangely pleasing combination. Come down on Thursday if you can to see it all, I will be back at my stall from 6 – 9:3o!

bird illustration
9 December 2011

Duckie Christmas Market Extravaganza!

Well, I am assuming it will be extravagant, here’s hoping! Anyway: I will be representing at my stall on Saturday the 10th from 2–9:30 and on Thursday the 15th from 6 – 9:30. Come by and say hello!

Stylist Magazine 9 to 5 illustration
2 November 2011

Stylist Magazine

This is an illustration I did for the 100th issue of Stylist Magazine for the main feature about working from 9–5

folk tea towel
1 November 2011

Folky Tea Towel Ladies

Who wouldn’t want a folky pomegranate queen hanging around their kitchen? Get yours here!

Barbican Membership pattern
1 November 2011

Barbican membership sleeve

This was the loveliest project, I got to draw a festive pattern for the gift version of the Barbican membership package. It IS the perfect gift for arts lovers.

Marks and Spencer Christmas card designs
31 October 2011

Marks & Spencer Christmas Cards

Awesome! I did some freelance work for Tigerprint studio a while back and it turns out my Christmas Card pack designs made it to Marks&Spencer (+ lots of glitter and embossed envelopes)….sweeeet!

Charlotte Rivers Interview
27 September 2011

The Creative Loves

The lovely Charlotte Rivers interviewed me for her blog, have a look here.

house of cards illustration
1 August 2011

Creative Review Round 2

This time around I got to illustrate a great article by Michael Bierut about how all designers have to have a good, backfire–proof bullsh*tting technique to get them through. What? I would never resort to such … ahem

Mini Book Screenprinted
26 July 2011

Mini Book

I don’t really use a lot of texture in my work so I thought I’d push the envelope a little. Only a very little bit though, that’s why it’s so small. Featuring a tiny girl and giant deer-like creatures. You can purchase one here if you feel so inclined.

Poketo Wallet Karolin Schnoor
27 June 2011

POKETO Wallets

My POKETO wallets are out! You can buy them on their website here.