14 October 2012


I was asked by the lovely ladies over at Pikaland to contribute to their 2013 calendar with the theme “On Your Desk” so here is my piece. It’s possible that I don’t actually have a desk that looks like that but who wants to see a grubby white mac keyboard and a scratched Wacom tablet?

12 October 2012

Short story time

I entered the Observer/Cape short story prize once before because my friend Alex and I had written a little story and quite liked it. Unfortunately I got ill just before and ended up drawing the whole thing in a feverish delirium one afternoon and it was pretty awful (not in a good way) So this year we’ve tried our hand again and I managed not to get ill and actually tried to draw it properly. So here’s two sample panels. It’s about love/hurt/dead animals…all your classic ingredients!

Monster Games Barbican
1 October 2012

Barbican Monsters

It’s not all just dramatic girls and patterns around here! I recently drew some monsters for the Barbican’s mini-site created in honour of the Where the Wild Things Are Opera. You can play Noughts & Monsters, Monster Mix-up and Monstrous Pairs right here. Who needs to read the Metro when you’ve got this?

Fairy Tale Cards photo
7 September 2012

Fairy Tale Letterpress

I’ve just added this series of letterpress & gold foil stamp cards to my shop. Printed by the amazing folk at Bison Bookbinding. All six illustrations are based on old Grimm fairy tales which I am a little obsessed with. Women had a hard time in those days, I’m telling¬† you. Try and guess who is who and see if you were right here.

You can also see the cards featured on Design*Sponge, sweet!

Photos of Royal Doulton Collection
9 August 2012

Collaboration with Royal Doulton

I am so excited to be sharing this project which has been in the works for a while! I was approached by Royal Doulton to collaborate on an illustrated collection which is now available. It was a really interesting process and it’s been great seeing it come together. You can visit their site to find out more here. It also features an interview with me, conducted by Neil and Hayley from The One Off , the agency who put together the digital magazine.¬† To get your hands on some plates and cups from the Fable Range you can visit Heal’s or Liberty. All photos were kindly supplied by Royal Doulton.

Photo of Cargo event
9 August 2012

Hello Head

I was happy to be a part of the Hello Head project which paired illustrators with each other to draw portraits and culminated in an exhibition at Cargo to raise money for the National Autistic Society. I drew the lovely Leslie A. Wood whose work you can check out here. Find out more about hello head and see portraits by the likes of Gemma Correll, Marcus Oakley, Holly Walles and many more here. Photo by Vytautas Dranginis.

Smart Woman Magazine
9 August 2012

Smart Woman Magazine

An article about the three groups of people you need to surround yourself with to become insanely successful. I have illustrated, taken note and will now become the Smart Woman I was destined to be.

Revival Records T-shirt
1 August 2012

Revival Records

Best job ever! I got to illustrate some t-shirts for a little record shop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin so I drew a girl on a bike with records for wheels (of course). They also sent me a box of t-shirts and CDs which is how all jobs should go if you ask me.

SHOP magazine cover
25 July 2012

SHOP Magazine

Sadly Studio 8 Design have closed their doors to go their separate designing ways but luckily I was able to work with them on a SHOP magazine cover before they did. Phew!

27 June 2012


My summer themed screenprints are now on sale at MONOQI. They’ve got all kinds of amazing design treats on offer so go and have a look here if you are in the market for some nice furniture, prints or even bikes!