Prison Diary / Book design

In 2012 Trenton Oldfield interrupted the Oxford and Cambridge boatrace in London with a peaceful protest. He was subsequently sentenced to half a year in prison of which he served 6 weeks before being released with a tag. He kept a diary during this time and also kept all of his paperwork and the objects given to him in prison. The book documents this alongside articles written at the time of his sentencing as well as his evidence at the trial. I think this is an important book,  the fact that a peaceful protester can be arrested and sentenced to 6 months in prison right here in the UK should give all of us pause. It was also an interesting experience from a design perspective as it's the tightest deadline I've ever had to work to. The entire 300 page book was made in 3 days including all layouts, photography as well as the cover design. It's good to know it's possible but I wouldn't recommend it :) If you are interested in purchasing the book you can do so here.


This Is Not A Gateway / 2013 Festival

The fourth TINAG Festival took place at the Bishopsgate Institute in January and I had the pleasure of designing the signage. The organisation is run by Deepa Naik & Trenton Oldfield and with festival culminating in a book, we will be designing Vol.4 this year which will feature select content from the festival. My personal favorite was Joris Luyendijk's talk titled "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Bankers But Were Too Angry To Ask", you can read about his findings on the Guardian here. If you'd like to find out more about TINAG, what they do and why, this is their site.


Hidde van Seggelen gallery

The Hidde van Seggelen Gallery inhabits a great custom built space in the Gasworks in South West London and represents a range of contemporary artists. For the re-brand which accompanied the gallery's move to it's new site, I created a website and identity. I also worked with the gallery subsequently, overlooking the design of all printed material as well as gallery signage.


Estate – Myrdle Court Press

Estate documents the Haggerston West & Kingsland Estate in Hackney, East London. The photographs by Fugitive Images that form the basis for this book show spaces and objects left behind as the flats were cleared out for demolition. Accompanying texts give context and asks questions about what happens to communities in public housing. You can buy the book here and find out more about Fugitive Images here. Their website also shows reviews of the book, including this very touching one by Andrea Gibbons.


Critical Cities Book series

The Critical Cities book series is the result of the yearly TINAG festival. The books are published by Myrdle Court Press, an independent publishing company who seek to advance the ideas of emerging urbanists. The book comprises of photo series, conversational interviews and research essays on a wide range of topics. A classic typeface and off-white paper give the book a traditional academic feel to create a contrast to the contemporary content. I would recommend anyone interested in cities and those living in them to read these. Find out more about TINAG here.